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Estate Planning in Louisiana:

The Easy Way to Clear Up Confusion and Avoid a Crisis

When you pass on, you hope to leave assets to your heirs – not your debts. But the harsh reality is few people have procedures in place to make this happen.

And, truthfully, it’s not your fault.

You see, so much misinformation about estate planning in Louisiana gets tossed around like facts. This creates confusion and causes people to unknowingly put their money, property and privacy at risk.

Furthermore, lack of proper planning leaves your family at danger for a financial disaster when you die.

We know you want every conceivable hole in your estate plan filled. We also understand you don’t want to struggle making sense of the complicated jargon, piles of paperwork, and ever-changing Louisiana and federal laws involved in the estate planning process.


So instead of using our website to make lofty promises, the attorneys at the Walker Law Group, LLC believe you’re better off getting real actionable advice without a high-pressure sales pitch. Whether you speak to us in person or use our educational resources online, you get straightforward advice so you can …


Keep your money,

Stay independent and in control,

Protect your family, and

Never become a burden to your children.

All services at the Walker Law Group, LLC are delivered on a value, fixed-fee approach. So you know every cost upfront.


Unlike firms that charge you by the hour, our billing method means you’re never limited by time. You can always get questions answered without worrying about an hourly fee every time you pick up the phone, send an e-mail or walk in our office.


Our role is to serve as your family’s sounding board for critical decisions. You get the security that comes with contacting a trusted advisor and asking “Is this the right move?” or “Can you look this over and tell me what you think?”


So when you need someone to stand by your side and solidify your estate plan, call us (318) 445-4516 for your FREE Estate Planning Review Session.


H. Gregory Walker, Jr.* | Walker Law Group, LLC

*Estate Planning and Administration Law Specialist, certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization