Nursing Home Planning

Get Long Term Care Without Going Broke

Just the thought of outliving your assets can trigger fear.

The fact is that this problem happens more now than ever before. Thanks to modern medicine, we are living longer.

The odds of needing nursing home care are high. Research shows roughly that one out of every two people over age 65 need care – a figure much higher than other routinely insured risks such as homes or automobiles.

Sure, if you can afford a monthly $4,500-$7,000 monthly bill for nursing home care for you or a loved one, you can skip the planning process. But if you’re without these financial means, planning for nursing home care (and potential disease or death) is a practical way to prevent an almost certain crisis.

Families get destroyed when certain steps aren’t taken to prepare for nursing home care. The financial strain can be devastating.

Fortunately, recent changes in nursing home care and benefits have opened up the door for help covering costs. So forget what you’ve seen or heard about qualifying for nursing home care benefits.

You have access insurance plans and Medicaid strategies that can protect you when you can no longer take care or yourself or a loved one. Most people just don’t know where and how to get them.

To help you with the planning process of nursing home care, we offer a free awareness guide, How to Protect Your Family’s Assets from Catastrophic Nursing Home Costs, you can access right now. After all, when you educate yourself today, you can reduce the hours you spend with an attorney and falling victim to shady advice or shams. The guide gives quick and easy tips to help get you qualified for nursing home benefits.