VA Benefits

How Many Opportunities for VA Benefits Have You Overlooked?

Far too many people do not pursue VA benefits in Louisiana because they believe you must have a service-connected injury to qualify. This is simply not the case.

In fact, most former military members, their spouses and widows are eligible to receive a little-known “improved pension” from the Department of Veteran Affairs. Aid and Assistance benefits help cover costs for help with eating, bathing, undressing, dressing, medication dosing or taking care of the needs of nature.

Monetary help is also available for individuals who are blind or in a nursing home (or assisted living facility) due mental or physical capacity.

According to the government, just one-third of elderly veterans receive their full health care benefits.

Are you among this group? Are you or a family member missing out on nearly $2,000 a month to help with everyday activities?

Remember, the required disability for Aid and Assistance does not have to be tied to combat injuries.

To help you discover whether you are missing out on VA Benefits you deserve, we offer a FREE awareness guide, How to Get the VA Benefits You Earned (But May Not Know About), you can access right now. The guide details the eligibility process and how to submit your claim to your regional VA office.